Youth Alive

Group Mentoring Program for Fatherless
Children Ages 10 and up

Lives are being changed Cities are being impacted…


In 2012, the Mayor of Virginia Beach reached out to Danette Crawford with a request. “We’ve seen what you have done in Bayside and we want you to make that same impact in the Green Run Community.” 

Green Run was known as a crime hotspot in Virginia Beach. Immediately, Danette began to increase programming in the Green Run Community. Five years later, the Mayor called Danette into his office again. He had seen a change in Green Run and was impressed by the significant impact Joy Ministries was having in the community. At his request, Danette began working with the city’s Police Department to expand mentoring programs to at-risk youth across the city.

Now, Danette holds weekly mentoring meetings in the Virginia Beach Police Training Center for at-risk youths across five of the worst crime areas within the city. These mentoring meetings are reaching at- risk youth and changing their lives. The Youth Alive mentoring meetings are also bridging racial divides and are bridging the gap between at-risk youths and the police force. Every week, youths are lined up in anticipation of going to the Police Training Center for the Youth Alive Mentoring meeting.

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