Summer Reading Camp

Summer program that teaches at-risk youths to read. Enrolled youth increase entire reading grade levels through this program.

Danette’s heart is to reach every child she can by offering programs in HUD neighborhoods. She always emphasizes to her staff and volunteers that “There are Ben Carson’s living in our neighborhoods, we just have to go get them!” One of her other mottos is, “When you teach a child to read, it’s a ticket out of poverty.” Dr. Ben Carson’s book has even been incorporated as curriculum in the Summer Reading Camp program.

Danette’s mission is simple, whether it is teaching a child to read or giving them school supplies, the goal is to ultimately change their life and show them that they can do anything that they set their mind to, despite their economic circumstances.

Want to help in our “Summer Reading Camps”?

Beating the odds…


Over 46,000 hours have been invested teaching children to read that have gone on to graduate our program.


Approximately 1,300 low income children have graduated through the Summer Reading Camps.

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