Lighthouse Learning Centers

Bringing children from challenging circumstances into academic excellence.

One in five children—11.3 million children—are home alone after school.

After-school assistance is a vital part of helping at-risk children overcome difficulties so they can succeed academically and in life. For many at-risk children, homework seems like an impossible task. Some children are unable to get help with their homework because their only guardian is working, or may not have the basic education level that would allow them to be of assistance.

Consistently Working to…

  • Provide after school homework assistance and tutoring for at-risk children within their communities.
  • Build the confidence of the children attending so that they can learn to work independently and successfully complete homework in a timely manner on their own.
  • Increase the overall academic success of enrolled children.

Over 38,475 hours have been invested giving at-risk youths after school homework assistance.


Over 27,200 after school snacks have been distributed to children in need.

Eli had a severe speech impediment. His mother was told by his teachers that he needed to be enrolled in speech therapy classes and that they were going to fail him so that he could repeat his grade the following year. “We can’t even understand what he is saying,” they told his mother. Every day after school, Eli would get off the school bus and come to our Lighthouse Learning Center where he would receive help for his homework. By the middle of the year, Eli had experienced a total turnaround. His teachers said that they had seen a great change in Eli, and said that he no longer needed to enroll in the speech therapy class; and they no longer wanted to fail him. In fact, Eli was reading at a third grade reading level, even though he was only in the first grade.


Zac’Kiya could not sit still. Her teachers called home with constant complaints.She was failing her grade. The complaints grew so much that her mom put her on medication for Attention Deficit Disorder. Every day after school, Zac’Kiya would come to the Lighthouse Learning Center for help. The volunteers and staff would work consistently with her, not only for completing her homework, but also on developing discipline and focus in her academic achievements. Zac’Kiya underwent a huge transformation as she faithfully attended the Learning Center. At the end of the year, Zac’Kiya’s mom approached the Learning Center staff with great excitement. It was because of the help she received that her daughter had experienced a total turnaround.


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