Home for Single Moms

Providing Hope for Today & Help for Tomorrow!

8 out of 10 homeless families are headed by single mothers…


The Father’s House provides transitional housing for single mothers with children that have gone through tragic circumstances and are facing homelessness. The home is set aside for the working poor or those who have a proven work history.

Women who come into the Father’s House are facing homelessness because of abuse, medical emergency or other devastating circumstances.  These mothers are given a hand up through financial counseling as well as through other various programs that mentor them into financial independence and permanent housing.

Joy Ministries is in need of new homes to use for the Father’s House program and is in need of monthly support to maintain the homes.  If you have a home or apartment building you would like to donate for our use or if you would like to make a contribution towards the homes, please click the links below.


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