Girl Time/Guy Time

Small Group Character Development Program for Fatherless
Children Ages 10 and up

20% of children from low-income families are charged with a crime by the time they turn 24


Teenagers need a place when they can process their pain and learn how to make right decisions. The difficulties of being a teenager are increased for children who live in low income families.

Not only do they face financial pressures but life is also complicated by the increase of drug addiction, teen pregnancy and violence in their communities. The Girl Time and Guy Time Program address this problem.


Provide a safe place in a “small group” setting
where teenagers can talk and process life issues.

Connect at-risk teens with caring adults that help
them process difficult life situations.

Teach at-risk teens how to make good decisions
and develop core character concepts in their lives.

The Guy Time and Girl Time Programs mentors at-risk teens in a small group setting. Group meetings are separated by gender. Not only are the teens given an opportunity to share about challenges that they are facing in their personal life but the group leader also teaches youth about living with integrity and dealing with issues such as depression, conflict and drug use.

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