First Day Challenge

Every year, Joy Ministries seeks to make that “first day” of school a good one for thousands of children who would normally go without. Each child receives a backpack filled with school supplies and words of encouragement to help them start the new year with confidence. Children are also blessed with new school clothes as needed. We use a chartered bus as a portable sanctuary to distribute the backpacks and share the good news of the Gospel. Every year, many people get saved and receive healing and hope.

How a child starts school
can impact their entire academic year.

The first day of school can be very difficult for a child that does not have the school supplies and back to school clothes that they need. Instead of being excited to start the new school year, many children begin the school year with dread when they are the only one in their classroom that does not have a backpack or even a pencil to do their work with. The First Day Challenge Program provides school supplies, backpacks, and back to school clothes to children that are in need.

How we accomplish this…

The First Day Challenge Program distributes backpacks and school supplies to children ages 5 and up living in low income communities. A chartered bus, filled with backpacks and school supplies, is taken to various low income areas to distribute the supplies.

more details

  • To provide school supplies, backpacks, and clothing.
  •  To boost the confidence level of the children for academic excellence.
  •  To network families living in low income communities with resources that can help them overcome addictions and other various problems.
  • Been in operation for more than fourteen years.
  • Distributed over 14,000 backpacks to children that are in need.
  •  Provided hundreds of dollars’ worth of school clothes to children that are in need.

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